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Pregnant Sisters 

These are my pregnant wife with her sister, also pregnant. Our baby should be out already, so we almost didn’t get to take a picture of their two bellies together. Sister has just arrived from Venezuela today, just in time for an express photo session.

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Pebble: Thanks for this year

I have just learnt that Fitbit is acquiring Pebble and phasing out its devices, including my dear Pebble Time.

It’s been a year using this watch, my first smartwatch, and I have to say I am sad to hear the news. I decided to go for Pebble because I didn’t have to charge the watch each day, its battery lasts way longer than any competitors’ models. But I ended up loving it by its simplicity, because it’s cute and fun, and most of all, because it’s useful.

I don’t think I will buy another smartwatch, I’ll continue using my poor orphan Pebble until it dies completely, if that ever happens (I guess it will at some point).

I want to thank the indie smartwatch maker for this year, I have enjoyed their product, and I hope Pebble’s founders and employees can all find a new job soon, if Fitbit does not hire them. Well done, guys.

Pebble is dead… Long live the Pebble!

Exploring my creative side with Video Production projects

Yes, I am a Software Developer. I have been coding professionally since 2000, but I started much earlier. At some point during my career, I moved to Front-End development because I enjoy the pretty side of programming, make stuff move, and so on. In other words, I like the immediate satisfaction of seeing my code come to life, I like the visual part of it.

So it made perfect sense to explore other was of creating visual works, starting with photography. I eventually discovered video production, and that blew my mind. I have worked in several self-founded projects, mostly documentaries and food-porn videos.

This video puts all that fun into images. It’s a really silly clip, but it shows really well why I love doing what I do.

Experience and knowledge have a price

It’s funny how we humans repeat the same mistakes over and over again.

Our dishwasher was leaking water, so I used this random, hyped App to find a handyman who could fix it. I just let myself trust this application because it seemed legit, and therefore I kind of felt the same about every handyman offering their services on it. That’s lame, I know. But these apps make us lazy, why bothering double checking, if there’s no reviews because the platform is super new….

Anyway, I hired this man, I talked to him on the phone, he seemed Okay and he had a full agenda, which fuelled a positive impression, maybe he’s busy because he’s good.

Well, he showed up on time, and I switched on the dishwasher so he could see the leak and figure out how to fix it. There was no leak a that moment, so we waited and waited, talking about other stuff, until at some point I mentioned a small problem with my oven. The oven was fine, but the door didn’t seem to be closing completely, so sometimes the security sensor it has outside overheats and switches off the oven to avoid damage.

So the guy said, “oh, let me have a look”. He checked the oven door, opened it and then he started yanking it a little bit to try to pull it up. At some point he even said “I don’t know anything about ovens”, so I asked him to stop, but he “almost got it”. A last hard yank borught one of the hinges out, leaving the door loose, attached to the oven by the other hinge. And he did not know how to put it back. He tried, forcing it, pushing it. banging it. I then really asked him to STOP what he was doing, although I did ask him to bring someone to fix that mess. Because my oven didn’t properly close, but it worked. Now it was useless.

He said that it was fair enough, and that he knew someone. Then he asked me to pay 30€ for coming to my house and check out the dishwasher. I told him he had “broke” my oven and that I’d pay nothing till that was fixed. So he came back 3 days later with another guy, and I can’t describe how I felt when I saw him. He obviously hadn’t had a shower in days, his glasses had a broken arm (well, it was missing to be more accurate). He tried to fix the oven while holding his glasses. Amazing. Anyhoo, the show started, they pull out the door completely while trying to engage the hinge into its place, after a series of vicious pushing and banging, using screwdrivers as a lever, and other nonsense. Eventually (47 minutes later) they did it. Both hinges were in, but the door was loose, it didn’t close properly and it was totally unstable. Yet they said it was good enough, they blamed the brand saying it was a bad one (TEKA), and they charged me 30€ from the previous visit plus a “tip” for “fixing” the oven, which they messed up with themselves. I refuse to pay the later but it looked like they would not leave without it so I gave them 10€ and kicked them out of my house. Later on I contacted the App makers, Habitissimo, to figure out if I could do anything about it, but the guy claimed he hadn’t touched my oven at all. He denied everything that happened. If Spain were a serious country were laws are there to protect us, I could’ve done something, but I consulted with some people who know about these things and we figured that it would be useless to try to do anything at all. Better to call the official technical service and learn the lesson.

So a few days later I called TEKA and someone came to my house to FIX the oven once and for all. I told him the story, and the old man just looked at me with a smile. He took two small paperclips and he inserted them into the hinges, one on each. Then without stop smiling, he made a smooth movement, pulling up the door and dismounting it from the oven. Then with an even smoother movement he put it back and it came in perfectly. Well, almost perfectly, because the other beasts had bent a piece in one of the hinges, so the door was a bit lower on one side, but still it was stable, it was functional. This guy fixed the door in less than a minute, no violence needed.

He charged me 20€ for that, plus other fees for having to come to my house, VAT, etc. Total, 47€. Before charging, he explained a lot of things about the oven, about how it’s inner mechanisms and how to keep it working perfectly over time. He left and I told my wife, “hey, we’ve spent 87€ in total to fix this. And this guys charged me 20€ to do something that took him less than a minute”. My wife is wise, I always knew that, but her answer was something like: “you have paid him 20€ exactly because he only needed 1 minute to fix it”. And she’s right, he KNEW perfectly where to touch and how to do it, unlike the other imbeciles who know nothing about anything.

So there you go fellas, it’s not too late to learn new things from this life. It’s better to call the guy who knows and pay the right price, because although it feels expensive, it’s actually cheaper than trying to same some bucks and end up paying twice like I did.

Experience and knowledge have a price. Just pay for it.
It’s worth it.


Extremely stupid video showcasing my buddy Olu and myself parasailing over Barcelona’s coastline. Oh boy, it was cool!