Former Software Engineer turned into Technical Manager. After 15 years coding, I felt it was time to step up my game, using my technical experience to help teams achieve success.

I have extensive experience working in international teams, specially startups and fast growing companies, most of them CMS vendors/integrators and Digital Marketing agencies, which is a good combination that I didn't really plan but worked out really well. I felt confortable (and have experience with) coding, but also leading teams, projects and dealing with customers. I am passionate about new technologies and creative projects, like IoT or social media tools. And this passion, combined with my experience, helps me push forward projects and challenges.

  • Luis Serrano
  • @luisnomad
  • June, 1977
  • Barcelona


  • Technical Manager2016 - Present

    Product Management, followinf the Agile ways!

    We build solutions and experiences for our clients that expand their businesses. Those experiences bring together and unite web, mobile and wearable platforms. We are able to melt our technological expertise around JavaScript technologies with a unique blend of Experience Design that focuses on user behaviour and real user needs.

    • My previous life as a developer

      • Senior Front-End Developer2015 - 2016


        Product Development with Backbone/Marionette and a big array of edgy front-end tools.

        I work as part of an international team, following agile methodologies, reporting to a Product Manager.

      • Senior Front-End Engineer2015

        Code d'Azur (Barcelona, Spain)

        I craft beautiful websites with Backbone and Laravel

        I work as part of an international team, developing & deploying successful projects across several countries in Europe.

      • Front-End Developer (Team Lead)2012 - 2015

        NetCentric (Barcelona, Spain)

        Front-End Development: Javascript (jQuery, touch frameworks), HTML5 & CSS (SASS, Compass), MVC frameworks. Development of new Adobe CQ5/AEM based websites, for Desktop, Mobile, Tablets and... any web-enabled device!

        I work as part of an international team, developing & deploying successful projects across several countries in Europe.

      • Front-End Developer2012

        Altran Innovation (Barcelona, Spain)

        Project Maintenance: Code Optimization (Javascript: Dojo and jQuery), Usability / UI Improvements. My goals included adding new functionality, achieve a better User Experience and also to make it possible to go mobile.

      • Senior Technical Consultant (Web Development)2011 - 2012


        I helped creating their new Intranet and Customer Portals. I was also part of the team that put together the Employee Portal. Tasks developed included creating usability & design proposals, supervising outsourcing providers, testing & validating functional requirements.

        As a side project, I made a Social Media Strategy draft for the company.

      • Web Developer, Front-End Specialist2010 - 2011

        Everis Spain

        My role as a Specialist was to provide insight and the required knowledge in all phases of the development of a web portal, both for desktop and mobile browsers. That included gathering requirements from our customers, transforming concepts into visual designs (front-end development), choosing the proper technologies and frameworks, meeting usability & accessibility standards, as well as helping the team reaching the timings and goals. Also, developing the critic parts of the application, both server & client side (with an emphasis on client side) was among my daily responsibilities.

      • Product Manager2008 - 2010

        EBD Soft

        Web Video Player Product Manager: Product Manager of a Web Video Player deployment project (, including the activities of defining new functionalities, Integration Analysis, prototyping, coordination of development, equipment provisioning and deployment. I was also responsible for the transition from pure Flash media visualization to HTML5.

        Mobility Project: Development of a Website based on iPad requeriments: EmprendedoresTV, the Spanish WebTV channel focused on business entrepreneurs, has evolved to achieve the iPad requirements as the first Spanish website full Apple compliant. The project scope has been Analysis of complete technical requirements (communications, hardware, software & IT standards) based on Ipad Simulator (SDK 3.2), designing, prototyping, coordination of development & equipment provisioning and deployment of the new website.

      • Lead User Interface Developer2007 - 2008

        Softeng: The Internet Company

        Portal Builder CMS: Development of Softeng’s own CMS system. I was responsible for developing the product's UI, using Telerik .Net controls and JavaScript.

      • Front-End & UI Integrator2007

        Presence Technology

        My role was to integrate the company’s products into the existing customers’ infrastructure and custom User Interfaces. (.Net, PHP, VB, JavaScript)

      • Web Developer, Webcast Producer2006

        Prous Science / Thomson Reuters

        Web Development: International Society of Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy (ISCP), European Society of Cardiology website (.Net, JavaScript)

        Webcast production, including travelling around the world recording medical events. Other duties: sound synchronization, post production and encoding to publish on the web.

      • Front-end & eCommerce Developer2005 - 2006

        SoftWrap (London, UK)

        I was responsible for creating the appropriate channel to allow users to pay electronically and use our customers’ software, through graphically integrated solutions. Some of our clients were Sega, Activision, Softonic, Yahoo Brazil, Atrativa and ULead. (.Net, JavaScript)

      • Web Developer2005

        Surfpin (London, UK)

        Portal Development with ASP.Net, SQL Server (back-end) and Javascript, XML/XSLT (front-end). Other tasks included Search Engine Optimization, Competition Analysis.

      • Web Developer2000 to 2005

        Several Companies in Barcelona and Valencia (Spain)

        During this time, I worked at: Concatel, MasMedios, Simplicity Technology & Solutions, Electronic Data Systems, Filmac Centre

        Clients: Bank of Valencia, Bancaja, Valencia Congress, Bank of Ontinyent, Valencian Region Tourism Institute, National Observatory of Construction, University of Valencia, Deutsche Bank

      Side Projects

      • Multimedia Producer & Blogger2013 - Present, Worlwide

        Blogging and producing video became more than a hobby in 2013. After creating a few music videos for friends and corporations, I am now preparing my own YouTube channel. It'll be a video blog, focusing on creativity, technology and coaching. First videos are already being produced.

        This is a part time occupation, parallel to my Software Engineer position.


      • Java & JSP Certification2001

        Electronic Data Systems

      • MCP2001

        Nanfor Iberica

        MCP (Microsoft Certified Programmer): Visual Basic 6 Desktop Applications

      • Systems Analyst1997-2000


        Systems Analyst Certification. C++ / Java / JavaScript / HTML Programming

      • Bachelor Of Arts1997

        I.B. Fuente San Luis


      • SCRUM Methodology2012

        Altran Innovation

      • Usability & Accessibility advanced techniques2008

        University of Murcia, Spain

      • Network Administration2007

        EBD Soft

        Suse Enterprise Server 10 Enterprise Server, Network Administration

      • Seminar: Video Production for the Web2005

        Google University

      • Web Design2004

        Inem (Spanish Job Agency)

        Web Design with Macromedia Dreamweaver MX and Flash MX. Actionscript for Flash MX

      • Graphic Design2003

        Inem (Spanish Job Agency)

        Graphic Design course: Graphic Design, Video Composing and Publicity Concepts. Photographic Techniques and Image Composition. Applications: Photoshop 7, 3D Studio MAX v5, Adobe Premiere 6.

Programming Skills

  • Javascript

  • HTML5

  • CSS/CSS3 (+Sass)

  • jQuery

  • .Net (C#)

  • PHP

  • JS Frameworks

  • WordPress

  • SQL

  • PhoneGap

Graphics and media Skills

  • Image Editing

  • Video Production

  • Photography

  • Audio Editing

  • 3D Modelling

  • Webcasting

Design Skills

  • Graphic Design

  • Web design

  • Print Design

  • UI / UX

Contact info

  • Barcelona City

  • Email:
  • Website (ES):

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