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I have developed software since 2000. Websites, desktop applications, Windows Services, you name it! “What programming language?”, you may ask. Does it matter? I think as a programmer, and I have used many languages and frameworks. It’s not a problem learning a new one.


I love environments where people can contribute, learn and grow as a team. I have experience leading, mentoring and motivating people. I am a nerd, but I have worked on my soft skills too!


As a side activity, I write, create video productions and take pictures. I even composed music back in the 90’s with something called Fast Tracker II. If you know what that means I want to meet you right f*cking now.



Tell me your problem and I will make it my mission to help you solve it. I like to find creative and simple ways to solve challenges, specially in the technology field, but also dealing with interpersonal conflicts.

Fun Facts

16 Countries Visited

500+ Posts Published

20.000 Cups Of Coffee

+1 million pictures taken

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