about me

Who am I?

Software Developer, also into management and product leading.

I have been coding for more than 20 years, and I’ve normally in charge of making things look pretty (front-end, UI/UX). I am a “lazy” person, meaning I don’t seek to reinvent the wheel, nor impress you with over-engineering. I like to keep things simple, which makes my life less stressful and your project gets faster to market. I like to achieve things, and of course, I put all my effort into the mission, but I choose my battles!

Biggest challenges? Non-tech related that I could highlight. Technology can be tricky but challenges very often come from people, we make things unnecessarily difficult sometimes. But I have been in the business for a long time and I am quite patient and pragmatic. Doesn’t mean I tolerate bullshit, I just manage it better now. That’s why I am often appointed as the Team Lead or the mentor.

I hate following trends for the sake of hypes. I use what’s useful, and I don’t know it all. I learn fast and I don’t demand much. I just expect fair play and transparency, which I will give you in return.

I don’t believe in technical tests… actually I think engineers shouldn’t do HR stuff. We tend to apply tunnel vision, and we don’t have a Psychology degree like HR professionals. I still believe experience shouldn’t be measured by how good someone is using the latest-last framework. Some of us were here before frameworks!

I don’t take myself too seriously. I am not a genius. I am probably not amongst the best developers, and I have still lots to learn. But I have fought a thousand battles and I am willing to fight some more, and I am always keen to learn new things.

That’s me.

Fun Facts

16 Countries Visited

500+ Posts Published

20.000 Cups Of Coffee

+1 million pictures taken