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Don’t get stuck: stand up for yourself

I couldn’t sleep last night. Too many things going on in my life, and one question echoing in my mind: Am I happy? The answer to that is not simple, because it’s not a YES but it’s also not a NO. I think the correct, complete answer is: “I am working on it”

Nuevo proyecto: Digitalistas (ES)

Todo profesional de la informática en algún momento empieza a involucrarse en la comunidad, dando charlas, formaciones, participando en proyectos de código abierto… En mi caso, he decidido también dar ese paso, y a través de Instagram TV he creado Digitalistas.

How to fix that annoying Mac OS bluetooth issue

You’re working, listening to music. Or you are about to join a video call using Skype, Teams, Zoom… Or even worse, you are in the middle of that call. And suddenly, your Bluetooth connected headphones disconnect randomly. You try to re-connect, but it’s not working. You check your headphones batteries and they’re full. You switch…

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(Most) IT Recruiters suck. Here’s how to fix it.

Ask techies: How’s jobhunting, nowadays? The answer is: it’s HORRIBLE. I am sorry but that’s the most accurate word to describe it. It’s utterly terrible, disappointing, and frustrating. Considering we developers and technical people are such a juicy prize, we’re treated like shit, both by recruiters and companies. It’s not my opinion, ask any developer you…

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Cómo encontrar buenos programadores (esp)

Después de más de 20 años en la industria tecnológica, he pasado por muchas entrevistas, en ambos lados de la mesa. He sido entrevistado y he entrevistado. Y desde que empecé a entrevistar, me di cuenta de lo mal que está el tema. Voy a intentar en este artículo explicar qué creo que está mal…

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El muro de la entrevista técnica (esp)

Hace tiempo que quiero escribir sobre las entrevistas técnicas, pero después de un par de experiencias recientes, me he decidido a hacerlo ya. Este artículo va dirigido a programadores en busca de trabajo, pero sobre todo es un mensaje para programadores que participan en procesos de selección, decidiendo quién entra y quién no en una…

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My son’s first trip!

Last weekend we visited Lisbon with our son Joel. I don’t post pictures of him on the Internet, so his adventures and reactions will be kept private within the family. But still, I have some pics I wanted to share, featuring some magical moments we shared with our little one.

Family-friendly companies

Being a family-friendly company is not inviting your employees’ kids to a barbecue or asking about them every now and then. It means really caring for those families and their circumstances. It means understanding that babies get sick and someone has to stay home taking care of them. It means sometimes dads and mums will…

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