Don’t get stuck: stand up for yourself

I couldn’t sleep last night. Too many things going on in my life, and one question echoing in my mind: Am I happy? The answer to that is not simple, because it’s not a YES but it’s also not a NO. I think the correct, complete answer is: “I am working on it”

Family-friendly companies

Being a family-friendly company is not inviting your employees’ kids to a barbecue or asking about them every now and then. It means really caring for those families and their circumstances. It means understanding that babies get sick and someone has to stay home taking care of them. It means sometimes dads and mums will…

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Experience and knowledge have a price

It’s funny how we humans repeat the same mistakes over and over again. Our dishwasher was leaking water, so I used this random, hyped App to find a handyman who could fix it. I just let myself trust this application because it seemed legit, and therefore I kind of felt the same about every handyman…

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Great Titles, Hollow Posts

“Great Titles, Hollow Posts” or “People don’t know how to give advice” or “Most people write to sell themselves shamelessly”. So many titles I could have chosen for this post. Aren’t you tired of reading bullshit? Don’t you feel you have wasted your precious time by reading “inspirational posts” that teach you nothing? We all…

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You knew. You knew the end was coming. You were lucky to be told, to know beforehand. You weren’t hit by a thunderbolt, you did not crash while driving your car. The pandemic of our age was in your guts. They discovered it. Then they told you. You knew. Your walls were full of pictures,…

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