Nuevo proyecto: Digitalistas (ES)

Todo profesional de la informática en algún momento empieza a involucrarse en la comunidad, dando charlas, formaciones, participando en proyectos de código abierto… En mi caso, he decidido también dar ese paso, y a través de Instagram TV he creado Digitalistas.

Exploring my creative side with Video Production projects

Yes, I am a Software Developer. I have been coding professionally since 2000, but I started much earlier. At some point during my career, I moved to Front-End development because I enjoy the pretty side of programming, make stuff move, and so on. In other words, I like the immediate satisfaction of seeing my code come to life, I like the visual part of it.

So it made perfect sense to explore other was of creating visual works, starting with photography. I eventually discovered video production, and that blew my mind. I have worked in several self-founded projects, mostly documentaries and food-porn videos.

This video puts all that fun into images. It’s a really silly clip, but it shows really well why I love doing what I do.

Be a Doer

Go to the end of this post to find the first episode of the “Doers” video series. Some time ago, I went through a crisis. See, I am one of those Software Engineers, and right now it’s a sweet moment for my kind. Finding a job is not a problem, ever. If I am bored,…

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