Pebble: Thanks for this year

I have just learnt that Fitbit is acquiring Pebble and phasing out its devices, including my dear Pebble Time.

It’s been a year using this watch, my first smartwatch, and I have to say I am sad to hear the news. I decided to go for Pebble because I didn’t have to charge the watch each day, its battery lasts way longer than any competitors’ models. But I ended up loving it by its simplicity, because it’s cute and fun, and most of all, because it’s useful.

I don’t think I will buy another smartwatch, I’ll continue using my poor orphan Pebble until it dies completely, if that ever happens (I guess it will at some point).

I want to thank the indie smartwatch maker for this year, I have enjoyed their product, and I hope Pebble’s founders and employees can all find a new job soon, if Fitbit does not hire them. Well done, guys.

Pebble is dead… Long live the Pebble!

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