You knew.

You knew the end was coming.
You were lucky to be told, to know beforehand.
You weren’t hit by a thunderbolt,
you did not crash while driving your car.
The pandemic of our age was in your guts.

They discovered it.

Then they told you. You knew.

Your walls were full of pictures,
photos of your many trips.
Smiles, sunsets, selfies and landscapes.
You have been happy, you have truly lived.
You did so much and yet you had still so much to do,
but they told you time was up, and then you knew.

Did you have any regrets?
A hundred real friends, a beautiful daughter, a loving wife.
That second chance life gave you, death summoned you in the past
but you did not listen, you weren’t ready.

You never bragged about your career success in the past,
never told me more than once “I believe you should do this and that”.
I wanted to say thank you for everything ,
when I was holding your still warm hand.
It’s shocking to see such a strong person laying pale white.

You knew the end was coming,
you had time to look back,
to see your life in perspective.
You had time to say goodbye.

In this age of competitiveness,
you achieved the greatest goal,
to cross the line not feeling empty,
to die not being alone.

You knew the end was coming,
At some point you just wanted it to come.
I never told you that I loved you,
and I wonder…
Did you know?

Goodbye my friend.

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