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Some time ago, I went through a crisis. See, I am one of those Software Engineers, and right now it’s a sweet moment for my kind. Finding a job is not a problem, ever. If I am bored, I just have to say it out loud and a thousand recruiters will fight to have my attention and convince me to go with their offers. Yes, offers, in plural. Every day I am hit by recruiters and companies around Europe, telling me that my profile fits some awesome, well paid positions. There’s not much waiting from the moment I’d say I could consider them till I was sitting at a new desk.

Why was I going through a crisis? Because I wasn’t considering finding another job, so those offers weren’t telling me anything appealing. They all sounded the same. I would be switching offices and colleagues, but in the end I would feel like I was doing the same. So I started thinking about freelancing. I wanted to do something, my own project. Be my own boss, if you will. Decide who I wanted to work with, and who to work for. I liked my work, and I loved my company. But I felt stuck, and I am not a person who’s confortable just “feeling content”. And although I was doing fine professionally speaking, I needed to move forward. I did not want to take success for granted.

So I did some research, including finding people in my area doing their business in a way that would be appealing or inspiring to me. The first person I found was Andrew Funk. He was a crazy American businessman. We met on Twitter but soon I invited him to go for some drinks, and we had the conversation that triggered my crisis. Why? Because he asked me some very important questions, like:

What do you want to do?

It’s a simple question, right? Of course it is. But there was a problem: I was looking for inspiration, yes. I wanted to do something different, yes. I was hoping to make my own decisions, yes… I just had no specific plans. I wanted to use my skills, which honestly are many -I can say that after 17 years in the business, right?- I do coding, video, photography, a bit of marketing, analytics, social media, and I have many, many good connections across many countries. So having all of that, I wanted to do something. But Andrew caught me off-guard, really. What, exactly, did I want to become?

When I met him, I had this idea of creating a video to inspire people. In the beginning it was about using social media the right way. But as I started to hang out with Andrew, I started to question myself and my goals. My head went to many places, and I came up with different ideas almost every week. All of them awesome, or so I though at the moment, but I always had cold feet as my new friend confronted me and pushed me to act.

So, long story short, I am still an employee. And I won’t go freelance for now. I realised, I was just not happy with my position. I wasn’t motivated. Freelancing always sounds like the answer to that problem, because, they tell you, you will be free. But will you? That depends entirely on your disposition, your nature and, more importantly, if it’s the right moment for you to go solo.
Well, it wasn’t my moment, so I guess the lesson here is: if you don’t feel like it’s your thing, don’t do it. I am perfectly fine being an employee. I just need the freedom, trust and to be given responsibility to do more.

But this is the beauty of the story, I still think freelancing is super cool and maybe I will do it, but only if I am ready and I believe in a specific idea/plan/project that I can push on my own. Until then, I have found a new exciting job where I think I will be able to do some crazy stuff, which, in the end, is my main goal.

Of course, I will continue developing my side projects, like the series of interviews I started with Andrew. It’s called “Doers”, and the purpose is to inspire those who really want to start their own business, become entrepreneurs. Maybe even those who don’t, yet, like myself. Being an employee or an entrepreneur doesn’t make you a Doer. Actually, the best definition I have found is this one:

A Doer is a person characterised by action, as distinguished from one given to contemplation

So do stuff, either in your free time or as a full time job. But do things, follow your passion, fulfil your dreams, do whatever it is that motivates you and makes you happy. That’s my advice, and that’s the point of recording these interviews. In a way, I am a Doer by doing this, or at least I feel like it, and it works for me.

I want to thank Andrew Funk for opening my eyes with his wise questions. I told him many times and he thinks he did nothing, but he did a lot. He pushed me so I could get in touch with reality, and that reality wasn’t that I couldn’t be a freelancer. I just didn’t really want to. I am perfectly happy being an employee for now, and I have found peace. I am looking forward to starting my new job! I am truly excited, and that feeling is exactly what I was missing.

“Doers”, the video series

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I hope you like it!

About Andrew Funk

Andrew Funk is an American business owner, who has spent the last 11 years building his professional network both online and offline, while teaching his audience how to optimize their communication skills in English and Spanish in order to align their acquired knowledge to sales processes that ultimately add more value to corporate growth.

As a strong believer in social initiatives, he has created various non-profit initiatives to offer free training, networking and business opportunities i.e. International Networking Lunches/Dinners; #TwitterLunch; and #RedesSocialesYtu. He has also challenged public figures to improve their English e.g. Mariano Rajoy, and Sergio Ramos.


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