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I am an Technical Consultant.

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Who am I?

Experienced IT professional with over 20 years of experience in software development and coding. Throughout my career, I have honed my technical skills and gained a deep understanding of the software development process. I have successfully led teams of developers, delivering innovative solutions and exceeding client expectations. Although my role has evolved to become more managerial, I still have a passion for technology and enjoy staying up to date on industry developments. I am committed to fostering a positive and productive work environment, and I thrive in a leadership role where I can inspire and mentor others.

As a manager, I coach and guide my team members, establish and monitor their objectives, address their concerns, and onboard new hires.

My professional goal is to advance to an Engineering Manager position, where I can leverage my technical skills and experience while focusing on leading and developing people.

Fun Facts

16 Countries Visited

500+ Posts Published

20.000 Cups Of Coffee

+1 million pictures taken



July 2021 – Present

Technical Lead & Manager

Cognizant (remotely from València, Spain)
  • Responsibilities
    • React.js Chapter Lead
    • Analyzing & Developing solutions for international customers.
    • Technical interviews.
    • Mentoring and supporting.
    • Manager: setting up goals and deliverables to my reportees regularly and following their progress.
  • Technologies
    • React
    • Redux
    • React Hooks
    • React Native
    • Typescript
    • Amazon Web Services
    • Jest
    • Cypress
    • PWA
    • Webpack
    • HTML5
    • Sass
    • CSS3
    • Git
    • Node
  • Methodologies
    • Scrum
    • Git Flow
    • Good Practices & Common Sense

April 2021 – July 2021

Lead Software Engineer

Capgemini Agile Delivery Center (València, Spain)
  • After around 2 years of working for Capgemini as a freelancer, I am joining their Agile Delivery Center in Valencia, Spain.

March 2020 – March 2021

Engineering Manager

A Quuppa Partner Company (València, Spain)
  • From March 2020 to October 2020: Senior Developer, React Native + GraphQL: I helped developing new features and improvements for the Swish App.
  • From October 2020: Engineering Manager (Quuppa based projects) – I was promoted to this position to help with the development of key projects, being the link between Business and the Developers. Some of my responsibilities were:
    • Help defining the products’ backlog based on the roadmap and Business needs
    • Make sure that Developers have everything they need to do their work.
    • Test third party integrations, create proof-of-concept examples to validate technical decisions..
    • Help with development when needed.
    • Train non-web developers and introduce them to React/Redux
    • On-boarding of new team members

February 2017 – March 2020

IT Consultant

luisnomad.com (freelance/autónomo)
  • As a freelancer, I worked for several customers with different accountabilities. Mainly, I was a developer focused on the front-end (with some occasional back-end tasks), but in bigger projects, I also had other roles:
    • Product Owner: I helped maintain the Projects’ backlog, specifying the Acceptance Criteria, Definition Of Done along with the stakeholders, and showing the iteration/sprint results to the customer.
    • SCRUM Master: I helped with eventual blockers and keeping things going as smooth as possible.
    • I also trained new employees and I was the interface between the external agency and the end client.
  • Challenges: global projects, cultural differences, dealing with contractor teams with heavy rotation, working with legacy code with poor or non-existent documentation.
  • Customers:

July 2019 – December 2019

Product Owner (contractor)

Flexxible IT – Leading a revolution in digital transformation
  • Product Owner at Flexxible IT – Apps2Digital
  • I helped implement Agile methodologies (SCRUM/Kanban) and documented the Product vision/roadmap for the development team.
  • I provided Front-End training to internal employees.

July 2016 – January 2017

Technical Manager

Blended Technologies (Barcelona, Spain)
  • I joined a team of developers to help define Product Specifications, also translating them into technical requirements.
  • Other tasks included requirement discovery & analysis for new projects.

2015 – 2016

Senior Front-End Developer

Bynder (Barcelona, Spain)
  • Product Development with Backbone/Marionette and a big array of edgy front-end tools. I work as part of an international team, following agile methodologies, reporting to a Product Manager.
  • I helped develop a revamped notifications system for their main product.


Senior Front-End Engineer

Code d’Azur (Barcelona, Spain)
  • I worked as part of an international team, developing & deploying successful projects across several countries in Europe.

2012 – 2015

Front-End Developer (Team Lead)

NetCentric (Barcelona, Spain)
  • I joined Netcentric when they were a very small startup. My main task was Front-End development, but soon I also became a Team Lead and as such I helped with recruitment, mentoring, sharing best practices, etc. Along with the Front-End Lead, we personally picked the best developers, some of them with little experience but with great potential, who have grown to be Senior Developers and even Architects.
  • Front-End Development: Adobe Experience Manager, Javascript, and MVC frameworks.
  • Global customers: we worked on global projects, collaborating with multicultural teams across different countries.


Front-End Developer

Altran Innovation (Barcelona, Spain)
  • Project Maintenance: Code Optimization (Javascript: Dojo and jQuery), Usability / UI Improvements. My goals included adding new functionality, achieving a better User Experience, and also making it possible to go mobile.

2011 – 2012

Senior Technical Consultant

Gamesa (Pamplona, Spain)
  • I helped create their new Intranet and Customer Portals. I was also part of the team that put together the Employee Portal. Tasks developed included creating usability & design proposals, supervising outsourcing providers, testing & validating functional requirements.
  • As a side project, I made a Social Media Strategy draft for the company.

2010 – 2011

Web Developer, Front-End Specialist

Everis (Barcelona, Spain)
  • I started as a freelancer, helping newspaper La Vanguardia going bilingual (from Spanish only to Spanish & Catalan). I participated by creating a real-time publishing monitor (front-end).
  • Then I joined Everis as an employee. My role as a Specialist was to provide insight and the required knowledge in all phases of the development of a web portal, both for desktop and mobile browsers. That included gathering requirements from our customers, transforming concepts into visual designs (front-end development), choosing the proper technologies and frameworks, meeting usability & accessibility standards, as well as helping the team reach the timings and goals. Also, developing the critical parts of the application, both server & client-side (with an emphasis on client-side) was among my daily responsibilities.

2008 – 2010

Product Manager

EBD Soft (Barcelona, Spain)
  • Web Video Player Product Manager: Product Manager of a Web Video Player deployment project (http://www.ebdsoft.com), including the activities of defining new functionalities, Integration Analysis, prototyping, coordination of development, equipment provisioning, and deployment. I was also responsible for the transition from pure Flash media visualization to HTML5.
  • Mobility Project: Development of a Website based on iPad requirements: EmprendedoresTV, the Spanish WebTV channel focused on business entrepreneurs, has evolved to achieve the iPad requirements as the first Spanish website full Apple compliant. The project scope has been Analysis of complete technical requirements (communications, hardware, software & IT standards) based on Ipad Simulator (SDK 3.2), designing, prototyping, coordination of development & equipment provisioning, and deployment of the new website.

2007 – 2008

Lead User Interface Developer

Softeng: The Internet Company (Barcelona, Spain)
  • Portal Builder CMS: Development of Softeng’s own Content Management System. I was responsible for developing the product’s UI, using Telerik .Net controls and JavaScript.


Front-End & UI Integrator (Barcelona, Spain)

Presence Technology
  • My role was to integrate the company’s products into the existing customers’ infrastructure and custom User Interfaces. (.Net, PHP, VB, JavaScript)


Web Developer, Webcast Producer

Prous Science / Thomson Reuters (Barcelona, Spain)

Web Development: International Society of Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy (ISCP), European Society of Cardiology website (.Net, JavaScript)

Webcast production, including traveling around the world recording medical events. Other duties: sound synchronization, post-production, and encoding to publish on the web.

2005 – 2006

Front-end & eCommerce Developer

SoftWrap (London, UK)

I was responsible for creating the appropriate channel to allow users to pay electronically and use our customers’ software, through graphically integrated solutions. Some of our clients were Sega, Activision, Softonic, Yahoo Brazil, Atrativa and ULead. (.Net, JavaScript)


Web Developer

Surfpin (London, UK)

Portal Development with ASP.Net, SQL Server (back-end) and Javascript, XML/XSLT (front-end). Other tasks included Search Engine Optimization, Competition Analysis.

2000 to 2005

Web Developer

Several Companies in Barcelona and Valencia (Spain)

During this time, I worked at: Concatel, MasMedios, Simplicity Technology & Solutions, Electronic Data Systems, Filmac Centre

Clients: Bank of Valencia, Bancaja, Valencia Congress, Bank of Ontinyent, Valencian Region Tourism Institute, National Observatory of Construction, University of Valencia, Deutsche Bank


August 2018 – Present



2013 – PRESENT

Videographer & Blogger

luisnomad.com, Worlwide

Blogging and producing videos became more than a hobby in 2013. After creating a few music videos for friends and corporations, I am now preparing my own YouTube channel. It’ll be a video blog, focusing on creativity, technology, and coaching. First videos are already being produced.

This is a part-time occupation, parallel to my Software Engineer position. See the Portfolio section to see some of my published works.



Java & JSP Certification

Electronic Data Systems

I was taught Java and I jumped to a real project right away. How cool is that.


MCP (Microsoft Certified Programmer): Visual Basic 6 Desktop Applications

Nanfor Iberica

You probably haven’t heard of Visual Basic 6. If you have, you’re at least as old as me. And you know that VB6 invented the “it works on my machine” saying. Meh.

1997 – 2000

Systems Analyst

Europe Centro de Formación

Systems Analyst Certification. C++ / Java / JavaScript / HTML Programming


Bachelor of Arts

IB Fuente San Luís

Ah… the old times. I learned Greek and Latin, and I ended up coding. If I only knew…!



SCRUM Certification

Scrum Master Certification – Scrum.org


SCRUM Methodology

Altran Innovation


Usability & Accessibility advanced techniques

University of Murcia, Spain


Network Administration

EBD Soft

Suse Enterprise Server 10 Enterprise Server, Network Administration


Seminar: Video Production for the Web

Google University


Web Design

INEM (Spanish Job Agency)

Web Design with Macromedia Dreamweaver MX and Flash MX. Actionscript for Flash MX


Graphic Design

INEM (Spanish Job Agency)

Graphic Design course: Graphic Design, Video Composing and Publicity Concepts. Photographic Techniques and Image Composition. Applications: Photoshop 7, 3D Studio MAX v5, Adobe Premiere 6.

Note to IT Recruiters

I don’t do take-home technical challenges anymore. Why? Read this.

Download Resume

Click here to download a PDF version of my Resume.


Front-End Dev


Back-End Dev

Product Ownership

Creative Skills

Video Production



Izabela Wlodarska

Sitecore Developer/Consultant (Contractor)

I worked with Luis for five months on a large Sitecore SXA build. He is a very competent frontend developer that is not afraid to learn new skills and experiment with new technologies to push his work and get the best result for the clients. Because of his extensive experience in software development, he became quickly the key frontend developer in our team. He was able to master the new technologies very quickly and set high-quality standards and patterns to follow for the other members of the team. Despite the time pressure, he is able to deliver the expected tasks while maintaining a high quality of the code. I totally recommend Luis for any front-end developer/lead role.

Maarten Dalmijn

Product Owner / Bynder

I loved working with Luis. He brings a positive attitude with a healthy dose of humor to his work, no matter how tough the situation. Luis knows how to do hard technical work but he is also able to explain technically challenging subjects to less technical people like myself. Very often after talking to him all that was not clear suddenly became very clear. This was extremely valuable to me and helped to move things forward significantly. Luis is very T-shaped which helps to bring down potential silos in a company and look beyond just his own job.


Fabian Krumbholz

Requirement Engineer / Netcentric

Luis is

… a fun guy and everyone is glad to have him on our team.

… a experienced Frontend Developer. I worked with him on different complex international CQ5 projects.

… very dedicated and you can rely on him when the project gets tough. It is a pleasure to work with him.

… very passionate about finding new great talent for our frontend team. With his help, we nearly quadrupled our frontend team in one year.

… a talented filmmaker. Everyone on netcentric is looking forward to seeing his next great netcentric sailing trip movie.

Natalia Venditto

Senior Frontend Lead Developer – AEM Developer / Netcentric

Luis is a very knowledgeable Software Engineer, with very extensive experience in both back-end and front-end development. And because of his great skills and personality, he is the perfect person to act as Team Lead. He is very approachable and friendly and is always ready to give you his input and most valuable advice, or sit down with you and share tips if you need them. Luis is a very responsible and trustworthy professional, capable of organizing the team and assigning tasks and projects, supervising and correcting if needed, without ever showing arrogance or distance. He definitely is the best asset to our team and company and he would be for any team he ever joins, that is why I recommend him without hesitation.l


Oscar Farga

Techlead / Netcentric

Luis is an excellent professional and team lead. He is a great team player and a natural leader. It’s great to have him on our team. His technical skills when it comes to web development are unparalleled and he’s also a perfectionist artist when it comes to photography and video. His work is always impeccable and his contribution is invaluable. He is committed to delivering results and always succeeds at achieving the highest standards. He is a good colleague and a role model for our company.


Arnau Vazquez

Full stack web & mobile developer, UX-focused

Working with Luis is always a pleasure. His superior technical skills and long experience in web and software development guarantee that he will complete the project on time and with quality. On top of that, he brings his unique mix of charisma, dedication, and empathy towards his colleagues which make him a great manager and a reference in the front-end team.


David Pelayo

Engineer / Lodgify

Luis was a key member within our Frontend team, being the Team Lead, he is proactive, an excellent co-worker with brilliant communication skills. A knowledgeable developer, with a thirst for learning and challenging projects which keep him at the edge of web technologies. I’m proud to have reported directly to Luis. Therefore I honestly recommend him.


Erik Grijzen

Senior Frontend Software Engineer & Team Lead / Netcentric

Luis is a great front and backend developer, researcher, team leader, technical recruiter, movie producer, and a fun person to work with. He’s is a dedicated and ambitious professional that can handle difficult projects and knows how to deliver under pressure. He’s always up to date with the latest technologies and is not afraid to try something new. You can always ask him for help and he will never let you down. I would definitely recommend him.


Francisco Manuel Rangel Pardo

CTO / Autoritas Consulting, S.A.

Luis es una persona con gran capacidad de relación y y una clara predisposición a ayudar a los demás. Se mueve por las redes sociales como pez en el agua, generando amistades que alimenta y además se preocupa de desvirtualizar.

Además, tiene una visión emprendedora 2.0 con muy buenas perspectivas, dominando diversas tecnologías de programación que le pueden permitir llevarlas a cabo, y además, no duda en ofrecer sus conocimientos para ayudar a los demás.

En mi opinión, ha sido un buen descubrimiento.



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(Most) IT Recruiters suck. Here’s how to fix it.

Ask Techies: How’s Job Hunting Nowadays?

The answer is: it’s HORRIBLE.

I am sorry, but that’s the most accurate word to describe it. It’s utterly terrible, disappointing, and frustrating. Considering we developers and technical people are highly sought after, we’re treated poorly by both recruiters and companies. It’s not just my opinion; ask any developer you know. They will agree in less than two seconds, no need to think about the answer.

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Cómo encontrar buenos programadores (esp)

Cómo encontrar buenos programadores (esp)

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